Challenge your brain with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training – Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch: These days, it’s mine for a moment every day. I’ll do the Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training. To keep my brain active. Then of course the question is, does it work?

Difficulty learning

Eight years ago I studied to be a weight consultant. I have always found learning easy and this study went well for me. A few years later, I wanted to study how to train children as well. During this study, I noticed I was having more and more trouble learning. Where before I used to read something once and knew it, that was definitely not the case now. I did read it, but it stuck so badly. Learning and remembering took a lot more effort for me. And that is why I am happy with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for the Nintendo Switch. I can now train my brain briefly every day.

Help I’m going completely wrong

Twice a day, the Nintendo Switch is mine for a while. During the day, I use it to exercise with the Ring Fit Adventure, on which I specifically set up a workout with abdominal and arm exercises, so I don’t have to strain my knee. And ’in the evening I take the Nintendo to train my brain. The first time I played the game Dr. Having put on Kawashima’s Brain Training for the Nintendo Switch, I went to determine my brain age. I had to play a game; paper, rock scissors. I really didn’t know how this worked and ended up with a brain age of 80 years! The game is for adults, but of course my children wanted to try it too and then came the second setback for this ‘old’ mother because I was completely played away by my oldest son. And this is when counting birds! Help! I obviously needed to get started with this Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training.

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

What is Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training? The legendary Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training was a huge hit on the Nintendo DS™ in 2006 and has encouraged millions of players to keep their brains sharp with simple daily exercises. And now it’s also available for the Nintendo Switch. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training contains numerous different math and language exercises that will train your gray matter and are designed so that you only need to play them for a few minutes a day. You can track your workout with the built-in calendar and track your progress by your Brain Age score (your ‘brain age’).

How does this training work?

Put your brain to the test in all sorts of ways in Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch! Experience a world of fun with the new exercises, some of which use the right Joy-Con’s infrared motion camera. You train a lot with the stylus -a pen to write with on the Nintendo Switch- (included in the game card version in the store) or by tapping your finger on the screen. There are plenty of exercises in various play styles.

Calculating your brain age

Calculating your brain age score is done by doing a series of exercises in succession. What matters here is; the speed at which you process information, your short-term memory and your self-control. After the test you immediately get the results and know if you should continue training or just maintain it. My second test was a little better, then I was 73 years old. That means I still have to train very, very much and I do that every day. In the beginning I could do sums, read out loud the newspaper and solve sudoku’s, but after a few workouts you get new challenges all the time. So now I can do dual tasks, test my photographic memory, play a masterpiece ( use your fingers to play a different piece of music every day. I can do finger exercises, mimicking examples and making words as fast as possible. The more I train, the more training I unlock and this allows you to see what you want to do every day. There is also an exercise to relax for a while after working out. With new games added each time, the games and workouts remain challenging.

After each exercise you see your score and after three workouts Dr. says. Kawashima that you’ve done enough for today and can you do one more relaxation exercise. So less than 10 minutes of exercise a day will keep your brain awake and running.

  • Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training Nintendo Switch
  • Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training Nintendo Switch

Very enthusiastic about Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

I am very excited about the game. It takes me little time to practice every day. And I definitely notice that I am improving. That’s the nice thing, you want to get better and better. After each practice you can also see how you are doing and whether you have improved or deteriorated. If you want, you can test your brain age every day, but I have resolved to practice a little before I venture out again. It takes me very little time each day, but I do feel that I am training my brain every day. Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training is definitely recommended!