Small children grow up

Small children grow up. Maybe it’s still a clincher for you, but believe me the time with children really gets easier. Little kids, little worries and big kids, big worries?

That will be fine, but I’m glad the tropical years are over.

Two in two years

My sister and I are 22 months apart. We always got along well and I hoped the same with my children. Well, of course you have absolutely nothing to say about this. Nature does what it wants.

Still, we were blessed to be pregnant again soon after the first son turned one year old.

Advantage of two children quickly on each other

It was all tiring, but great to do. If such a toddler is already walking around in the house, then you just take that pregnancy a bit, was my approach. Well the oldest ran independently very quickly, but the stairs, or during a walk, he also wanted to be lifted for a while.

This became heavy at some point. The advantage was that it was actually just as if the oldest did not realize at all that there was suddenly a brother. It was fine that he went to another room, got another bed and suddenly there was another child in the house.

Tropical years

The first years were tropics years. Honestly. How heavy it was. I slept badly and was often sick.

But you could never look out, so I was struggling with it. I really sat on the couch at the time. that I really didn’t know what to do anymore. I could never sit quietly, go to the toilet or take a shower, without a child joining, crying or she argued. From the moment the eldest could do a bit more on his own, it actually got better very quickly, I got some hands free again and had a little more time to jump in the shower myself now and then.

I was short of eyes, ears and hands with these two little rascals

Small children grow up

I remember finding it amazingly arousing how the boys suddenly became so independent from dependent males. They are getting better and better and do a lot themselves. I don’t have to put down their clothes anymore, because they decide this themselves.

If I sometimes have to wait for a package, they walk to and from school themselves and they also help with, for example, baking pizza or cleaning up rooms.

It’s all good times

I found the baby, toddler and toddler age heavy, but also very beautiful. And the time now, now that they are older, have homework, hold speakers, I think that is also a very nice time. It is all easier.

Time goes so incredibly fast that I just try to enjoy it then.

And that sitting quietly on the toilet, that’s over now. We have recently had a cat at home!