Baby swing: an asset for your garden!

Do you want to turn your garden into a play paradise for a toddler?? What a good idea, because your little one is definitely going to enjoy this a lot. An indispensable item in our opinion is a baby swing!

Why? Read along!

Safe for little ones

A baby swing is safe for children from the age of one who can sit properly. The safety is provided by the seat that your child cannot slide down in (of course, as a parent you always supervise small children in a swing, so it is no different here). It is important that the swing is properly and, most importantly, properly secured.

You can easily and safely attach a swing to swing hooks or a swing tag. Also, most baby swings have adjustable ropes so you can set a safe height.

Most baby swings also include an extra safety strap to secure your child in place, to prevent him or her from trying to climb out of the seat. But again, always supervise your child while swinging.

How to safely hang a swing?

It’s handy, of course, if you know how to hang a swing safely. It is important to keep enough distance between the hooks. Make sure to leave a little more space between the hooks than the swing seat is wide. In principle, a good general guideline is to keep 60 centimeters between swing hooks.

Make sure you leave at least 45 centimeters of space to the sides of the swing frame.
You also have to make sure that the distance from the wall is far enough. Basically, you can assume that you need 1.5 meters minimum space around the complete device. If your children are bigger, some extra space is of course nice, as they often like to jump out of the swing when they are older.

Sitting comfortably

The baby swings from Wickey are comfortable for the little ones. There is good support in the back, which makes your child will sit comfortably in the swing. Some baby swings consist of multiple parts, so you can lift your child in and out a little easier when he or she grows a little bigger.

From small to large

Of course your child will grow and the good news is that the swing can easily grow with your child. When your child has grown out of the baby swing, you simply replace the baby seat for a regular swing, a tire swing or, if you have nice space, a duo nesting swing.

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