What are the advantages of shopping online?

We all know it’s convenient; online shopping do. The big advantage is that you no longer have to go to the store. The order is just delivered to your home. Yet few people still use it.

In this blog we take a closer look at online shopping and the advantages it has to offer. Currently, 1 in 7 Dutch people already have their groceries delivered regularly, and this is expected to increase in the coming years.

The “old-fashioned” supermarket

Years ago, in the early 1900s, you went to the butcher for your meat and to the baker for your bread. There was a separate store for each product group. Around 1950 the supermarkets came into being. People no longer had to visit each store separately, but could do their shopping in one store.

We as the Dutch have been visiting the supermarket for decades now. But does the traditional supermarket still fit these times?? After all, we are increasingly busy, and we are already used to ordering lots of products online.

The convenience of online shopping

We are moving into a digital age. It is therefore logical that grocery shopping is also changing. Supermarkets have introduced the online web supermarket. Just look: you see the delivery vans of AH, Jumbo and PLUS driving around more and more often. You can now order groceries the same way you buy clothes or electronics online.

All your groceries such as toilet paper, cola, bread, cauliflower or apples are now effortlessly ordered online.

What are the advantages of shopping online?

  • No more lugging heavy shopping bags back and forth
  • Online shopping can be done whenever and wherever you want. You are not bound to opening hours, and you can easily order with your smartphone or tablet
  • Research shows that people who order groceries online make far fewer (unhealthy) impulse purchases. You are much less tempted by all kinds of delicious products
  • Groceries are delivered to your kitchen at a time that suits you

Are there any disadvantages to grocery delivery?
Many people still have questions about this “new shopping”. Ordering online and having it delivered is often seen as “expensive”. This is partly due to the relatively high delivery costs that are still charged. There is also a large group that simply enjoys “shopping”, likes a chat in the supermarket, and likes to be inspired in the store.

So you could say that the online supermarket is a godsend for people with chronic time constraints and for people who hate crowded supermarkets. Don’t mind going to the supermarket once or twice a week? Feel free to keep doing that!

Save on delivery costs with discount codes

If you place an online order with, for example, AH.nl, Jumbo.com or PLUS.You will soon run into delivery costs. These are around €5.00 per delivery. This seems like a pretty big deal. But keep in mind that it is quite a job for a supermarket to deliver your order to you on time.

So it is not very strange that you pay a small fee for this service.

Do you want to see if it is something for you? Then use a promotion code or discount code on your first order that entitles you to free delivery. Thanks to a Coop promotional code or Deen discount code, for example, you often receive free delivery or other interesting discounts.

So it always pays to keep an eye on these promotional codes!