Bonne Maman- The tastiest hazelnut pasta for bread

Bonne Maman is known for their jam, but now also come with Hazelnootpasta. And this hazelnut pasta, tastes really like and hazelnut pasta should taste. With a creamy and velvety taste it is delicious on a sandwich, but in addition to sandwich spreads you can use this pasta in different recipes.

Bonne Maman

Maybe you know Bonne Maman from the quality jam from France. Known for the red-white checkered lids. This new hazelnut pasta is again a high -quality product in a traditional glass jar with a white handwritten label and the iconic lid.

What makes this hazelnut pasta so special

Bonne Maman’s hazelnut paste contains more hazelnuts than many other pasta. There is no less than 20% hazelnuts in a pot. The product also does not contain palm oil.

So good for the environment.
Bonne Maman roasts the hazelnuts lightly. This keeps the taste of the hazelnut optimal. A hazelnut delicacy made to grandmother’s recipe with pure natural products and a lot of love.

Now Hazelnootpasta is of course a popular siege for the sandwich. And there is also a lot of choice in this. The creamy taste and velvety texture of the pasta are the big assets of Bonne Maman.

You really have to taste that!


This delicious hazelnut pasta is delicious on bread. Because nothing is so tasty than a whole -grain sandwich with hazelnut paste. Or how about a warm toasted white sandwich?. Now I eat low -carbohydrate and therefore less bread, in contrast to my children, who fully enjoy their sandwiches every day. Of course I also wanted to taste this hazelnut pasta myself and how nice it is.

The taste is delicious, so creamy, so full, really a treat.

The tastiest hazelnut paste for your bread or to bake with

Baking with Bonne Maman’s hazelnut paste

In addition to the hazelnut paste of Bonne Maman delicious on the sandwich, you can also bake it very well. On the Bonne Maman site you will find many recipes, with the jam and pasta. Now the glass jar with lid is so incredibly fun that it is actually a shame to put it away in the glass container.

Here you can also craft super fun, take a look at the site for this.