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The what? The Mother-in-law tag was created by the ladies of Little Wonder World. A fun blog from two mom’s. We all try to perform our ’duties’ as mothers to the best of our abilities but you have to admit that you do sneak in a few things here and there. Yes, I do my best, but sometimes I'm fine too. The tag consists of statements/questions for mothers to fill in. A kind of confessions actually.

How often do you change your child's diaper?

Here it goes wrong anyway. I would have liked my little man to be potty-trained anyway. Mister likes it though. He wants to sit on the potty or the toilet now and then but is rather lazy than tired. Secretly he can tell when to pee but finds it just as easy to pee in his diaper. The plan was to have a blast with potty training this summer. However, my last few months of pregnancy are throwing a spanner in the works. So I still change diapers. Pretty often, too, because the toddler drinks gallons a day so it all has to come out. And well.. most 16-year-olds don’t wear diapers anymore anyway?

Do you eat every meal at the family table?

Nope! We have breakfast, very badly, on the couch with the television on. Yes, another thing that is of course mega irresponsible. Ahum.. Secretly I find it cosy to eat a sandwich on the couch with the three of us and it is also nice and easy. We usually eat lunch in pairs at the bar in the kitchen. We always have dinner with the family at the table. At the bar in the kitchen or at the dining room table, whatever has less mess on it.

How many minutes/hours a day does your child sit in front of the TV/Ipad/telephone etc?

In the morning we watch half an hour of television and ’in the evening after dinner the toddler can watch some television too. The ten minutes recommended everywhere is easily exceeded. I don’t make a drama out of it though. Honestly, I always get a little simplified with discussions about screen time. Our little man sometimes needs it to calm down or to recover. He turns off the TV with the same ease and now in the summer he usually prefers to go outside. On the Ipad he mainly plays educational games and on TV he watches non-violent movies. I don't see the problem.

Let your child fall asleep in his own bed?

Yes, all the time! From baby onwards the little man sleeps in his own bed. I don't feel like having a toddler in my bed every night. I'm not doing that. The new one will also sleep in her own bed.

Food residue, spit, small poop stains and/or a little wetness from a too full diaper on your child's clothes: you put clean clothes on him/her immediately?

If a diaper is leaked, the little man gets changed immediately. Dirt, blubber, sand, marker, paint or other messy stuff doesn't matter to me. A child should be able to play. What I do hate are food stains. Ok, he doesn't get to wear clean clothes but it does annoy me to death. A three-year-old can eat properly so there is no need for food everywhere. Sure, it's okay to mess up, but a child who is covered in food scraps? brrr…

Does your child wear two of the same socks every day?

Yes. I have a very handy DIY board hanging by my washing machine so these days we always have matching socks in the drawer.

Do you ever bribe your child with a treat, TV time or something else??

Sure! I don't always feel like drama or toddler discussion either. So sometimes I bribe the little man with sweets. For example, if he doesn't want to go shopping with us, we promise him he can pick out something sweet. You shouldn't always make it too hard on yourself.

What does it look like behind closed doors and drawers in your house?

Alternating. The toy closet is scary organized. I love it. Also the craft closet is usually super tidy. The garage door? You better keep it closed. What a mess that is. Originally the idea was to get our car in there. Quite hopeless. At the most, a toy car will fit and then you really have to push the door.

If you have a child under 4, give him/her 10 more vitamin D drops every day?

Our little man gets vitamin D tablets. Although I must admit that I always forget to give them myself, but I think the husband appreciates this. He always gives the tablets very well to the little man.

Finally, name 3 more things that are luddite mother-worthy.

– The little man loves games. From memory to quartet and board games to puzzles. I don't like games, though. So when the toddler comes back with a game and asks me very sweetly if I want to play it with him, I often try to get out of it. Not always possible but sometimes.
– Mister currently has a phase where he does not want to eat vegetables. I always put vegetables on his plate but if he doesn't want it, I won't argue with him. Am I a luddite mother then? Fine, to compensate he does eat a lot of fruit during the day so I am sure he will be fine again.
– I say ugly words in front of my little man. Shocking! I really try to pay attention but if I drop something, for the umpteenth time, I do shout something across the room. So far the toddler has never talked me down but I'm afraid that day will come one day. By the way, the husband always gets me right on the head. Who tries to educate me.

nanny mother

Well, even I can be a scatterbrain sometimes. Oh well, it has to be fun? Mothers are only human too. What are your spiteful mother confessions??

I hereby tag Marjo, Cassandra, Linda, Astrid, Mary-Lou and Judith. I look forward to your answers.

What are your mother-in-law confessions??


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