An energy boost from Tastea for busy mom’s

An energy boost can we, mothers’re all good use. Well, maybe you don’t suffer from it at all but I can use one regularly. Or two..

And since liters of booze, which gives you the well-known wings, don’t make you feel any better enjoying an energy boost from Tastea.

Energy boost wanted

They don’t say it for nothing, the first years with small children are often called the tropical years. Now that I have a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter running around, I understand what they mean by that. Those little ones require a lot of attention and care and that takes a lot of energy.

Energy that I, as a chronically ill mom, do not always have in abundance.

Since I do not drink coffee, from which you can get a caffeine shot, and the liters of energy drinks are also not really conducive to your health, I wanted something different. Something that would give me that extra boost. Not that power nap I never have time for, but something I can have in between meals.

Tastea Energy Boost

I received this support from the letter carrier last week. Which, by the way, could also use one because that man is working overtime at our house, haha.

From Tastea I received a 100% natural tea with a handy mug. I am a big tea lover so this concept appealed to me. A tea consisting of the best and most luxurious tea herbs and therefore really tremendously delicious.
The Energy Boost tea consists of various herbs that reinforce each other. It’s a full flavor but I would classify it under the green tea category. A nice sweet tea that gives me an instant energy boost.

Taste tea cup

What I really like is that I received a tea cup with it. A double-walled large mug with a filter. This way your tea stays hot for a long time and the filter prevents your mouth from being full of tea leaves. I have made it an art to let my tea get cold at least six times a day.

Then I pour it and forget about it. Result; cold tea. With this Tastea tea cup, that’s a thing of the past.

This time I even had to wait a long time before I could drink it.

An energy boost from Tastea for busy moms


Besides the Energy Boost, Tastea tea comes in a few other varieties. So you can choose from the flavors Make your bed rock, Bun in the Oven, Mama’s Milkshake or a real 30 day Detox Tea. The tea is quite pricey, but it lasts a long time and it is 100% natural tea with no added crap.

The tea and the mug are available in the Tastea webshop.

Could you use an energy boost too?



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