Inspirational Bullet Journal June

The month of June was extra fun in my Bullet Journal, because I started a new one. My second Bullet Journal since I started it last April. How am I going to fill my new journal?

What will I do differently and what will June look like?

We had a little vacation in June

Later than planned because I first enjoyed a wonderful vacation in June. During the vacations I also take a blog vacation and to be honest, I like it a lot. But it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t shared anything at all about my Bullet Journal this month.

A new one

June was the month for a new Bullet Journal. It is always a nice moment to start a new Bullet Journal again. I don’t know what it is, the new, the empty, the everything again feeling. Recently I won a Hieroglyphus Bullet Journal, this is where I started a travel journal. In other words, all our days out and vacations will be in here.

This now means I have three journals. A Bullet Journal, Art Journal and travel Journal.

What are all these journals?

What to do and why three journals. For me it’s very organized and I like having multiple journals, but that’s very personal. Something a journal is anyway. In a journal you can do exactly as you like. My Bullet Journal is my diary.

I always plan these a month or two ahead and use it to write in all my appointments, my blog assignments, schedule and more. I use my art journal for drawing and painting and my travel journal is for vacations and days out.

Target description

I love to be able to start again in a new Journal. Just having it back rigid and completely empty is so nice. I started with a preliminary piece about my journal and who I am, I know that very well myself, but I always find it so fun to write and so see how things change again.

I wrote goals, the months and a birthday page, then I started with the month of June.

Bullet Journal June

In May I started to give more of a theme to my month and I noticed how much I liked it. Hence I also chose a theme for June month and this time it was ‘the bee’. On every page this or the honeycomb comes along.