Tips for a Healthier Environment

Being Healthy and Living Healthy is not just eating fruit and vegetables and exercising enough. Healthy is also Taking Care of a Healthy Living Environment. But how to live in a Healthier Environment??

A Healthier Living Environment


New Garbage is generated in a household all day long. We Lose Hair, Dander and Other Waste Products from Our Bodies. In Addition, All Day Long We Touch Objects Such As Cupboards. Faucets and by Handles.

This Form of Everyday Use Creates A Hotbed for Microorganums, Such as Bacteria and viruses aspecyly thesis Hidden Organisms Give US A Feeling of Unease. Not pleasant, so high time today to fight these discomforts with some simple effective tips and give tips for a healthier living environment.

The Basics

To start with the basics … There are Three Main Groups of MicroorGanisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses. Under Favorable Conditions these organisms can multiply rapidly. A Few Elements Are Often Needed To Set This In Motion.

So the right temperature is important, it is between 20 ° C and 40 ° C for most bacteria. The Temperature That Is also Considered the Pleasant One in Many Households. But it is also a comfortable temperature for the uninvited guests in your home.

3 Tips for a Healthier Environment

That Is Why I Want To Share Three Tips With You For A Healthier Living Environment. The tips are:

Tip 1: Limit the hot temperature in your home

Since we now know that organisms feel comfortable at a temperature above twenty degrees, it is advisable to ensure that this temperature is not present in your home for too long. Turn the heater Down to 15 Degrees at Night. And Try to Maintain A Temperature Between 17 and 19 Degrees Duration the Day As Well.

In Itself, or Course, This is not so bad, because the day you are probably constantly on the move and will notice the lower values at all.

When Night Falls, It is pretty to turn up the heater. After all, that's when the legs go up too. The Position of the Feet Can Be Seen As A Good Indicator.

Handy Mnemonic for Keeping to the Temperature Control Pattern.

Tip 2: Ensure Good Air Circulation

The Circulation of Air Not Only Provides Fresh Oxygen to Your Home But also Eveno Expleasant Odors From Your Home. So Regularly Open Windows and Doors Against Each Other eSpeciate in the Bedroom You Should Not Forget This. This is Where Damp Spots Quickly Appear in Mattresses and Comforters, For Example, Due to Body Perspiration.

An Ideal Breeding Ground For Dust Mites Develops Best at A Humidity of 75-80% and A Temperature of 25 Degrees.

You Understand That Body Fluids And Body Heat Are Perfect Housing For Pests.

In Addition to Temperature and Moisture, the organisms also Feed Mainly on Human Dander, But also Pollen, Bacteria, Mold and Animal Hair. Which brings us to the last tip.

Tip 3: Avoid Dust and Accumulation of Hair

Knock out Rugs and Pillows Regularly. And vacuum all backs and carpets at Least Once A Week. This way you remove Dust and Hair That Could Otherwise Lead to Allergies As Well.

Things That Can Spoil Your Living Space And Enjoy.

But with the above tips you should be able to reduce the risk to the uninvited guests QUITE A BIT.

Bonus Tip: Do Something Fun With All That Waste

Did you know that you can also do something with all those body parts?? It is perfect Source Material for a DNA test. Nowadays this is very trendy.And Admittedly It's QUITE FUN TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES.Can you still do something with all those foul residues.

And Maybe Finally Getting That Family Tree Complete.

More And More Often I Hear From People That They Have A DNA Test Done. There is also a nice movie going around on the internet about people who come behind their ‘ roots ’. Honestly, I'm not so all this would be for me.

What do you think about this?

Would you like to know more about yourself and your loved ones?