Choosing baby names like a pro

When you find out you are expecting you know there is a lot coming your way. Things need to be arranged and bought. There is a great and exciting time ahead of you.

Many things you can put off slightly, but there is always one thing that your head starts right away: Baby names! Luckily I have the tips and tricks to make you a pro at picking a baby name.

This is how you choose your baby name

#1 Finding lists

Let the search begin. Let’s face it, every mother or father to be has at least once looked up a list of names? Whether Dutch names or American, you can find them all.

A top 10 popular names or even a top 50, you are inundated with them. But also super convenient, because the choice of name is the most important one after all. Of course, after a week you can’t suddenly say, “oh wait, we’ll name him differently anyway”.

No, the choice is final so you want to inform yourself well and be sure of your choice.

#2 Start on time

Why you start picking a baby name on time? Perhaps it will take some time for you to agree and be completely honest? You really want to “try out” the name for a while beforehand. You really have to get used to giving the little one in your belly a real name instead of a nickname.

Talking to your belly and saying the name out loud is very nice and you will find out if this is THE name. If not, luckily you still have time to switch.

#3 Names from the past

What I personally found most difficult is the recognition of names. You read through all the lists of boy and girl names, and I’m sure some of the names make you think of people from the past. A girl from class you absolutely did not get along with, or that teacher who always had to have you.

That name, of course, falls off immediately. You probably have a few more like that.

#4 Beanie

Sometimes people choose to name the little one after someone. Usually when that is done it is a family tradition. This can of course be done with the exact same name, but also by a trendy corruption.

So Wilhelm suddenly becomes William and Elizabeth becomes Isa or Liz. This is still how you pass on tradition in your own way.

#5 What to look out for in baby names

Also pay close attention to the initials of the name: don’t spell a crazy word when you put them together? And if you include the last name?
Doesn’t the name mean anything crazy in the Netherlands or abroad? Also good to check out!
Also, try rhyming the name with words beforehand. This is how you can tell if the name might be prone to bullying.
Spelling is another important point to consider. After all, you can come up with something super special, but if your child has to spell his or her name every time you introduce him or her, it’s still less fun.
Is the name already common in the area? Then you might also want to search further. Being in class with five boys also named Luuk is probably not what you had in mind either.

#6 Compare lists together

Finally you have them: the names! List the boys and/or girls baby names just like your partner. And then the big question is whether a name matches.

Are you thinking along the same lines or is there still a lot of work to do?? Remember, you can always choose multiple names to compromise.