Starting a vegetable garden- What, where and how for a garden full of vegetables

Do you want a vegetable garden Are you wondering where to start and when in what season?? But also which vegetables will do well in your garden and what can you actually plant? Since I want to start a vegetable garden in my garden, I went looking for the answers to these questions.

Starting a vegetable garden

Since two years we have a strawberry plant in pots in the garden and after the first year maybe four strawberries came, this year was different. A lot of strawberries were getting ripe and how much I enjoyed checking on their condition every day. So this was the moment for me to start thinking about a vegetable garden. I want to start a vegetable garden, but where do I begin?? And when?

What month should you take the first steps to start and what vegetables can I grow to get some results?.

Start small

Looking at myself, I would love to have a big vegetable garden right away, but I think it is wise to start small and see if it works at all first. I read a lot about preplanting, so putting the seeds in pots, but I decide that in the new year I would prefer to start right away in the garden and I just want to use a small piece of the garden for this.

Start in January

What’s important is that your vegetable garden will be in a sunny spot in the garden, 4-6 hours of sunlight is needed for the vegetables you want to grow, but also for herbs or fruits in the ground this is needed as well. Wind is welcome in your vegetable garden. Start in January with the preparations, see where you want to have your vegetable garden and make a list for yourself when you want to plant what.

You have special planners for this, but you can also put it in a notebook.

Read carefully what it says on the packaging

Choose vegetables in your vegetable garden that you like to eat, after all, it’s a shame if you have so much work and then the vegetables are not eaten with relish. Have you bought your seeds, read carefully on the packaging when you can put them in the ground and keep well to this time. You can buy these seeds at a garden center, but also at supermarkets you might be able to buy them. There are seeds that it is better to sow in pots beforehand, but I don’t have a lot of space for that myself, so I only want seeds that I can put in the ground right away.

Sowing in the ground from April onwards. Provided there is no more frost on the ground. So keep this in mind

The easiest vegetables to grow

  • Potatoes
  • Zucchinis
  • Peas
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers’s
  • Leek
  • Hit
  • Carrot
  • Radishes
  • Spinach

These vegetables – besides watering – require little care. Your harvest can hardly fail!

Now you want to know the best way to get in with a vegetable garden. Click here for all the information.

Just give it a try

Now I do know that there is a lot more involved in starting a vegetable garden, for example I understand that you should not put certain vegetables next to each other. And you must provide the right gardening tools. Now I am definitely going to pay attention to this, but also just want to see this first time if I manage to actually get any vegetables from the vegetable garden at all.

I will not choose too complicated seeds and we will see if anything comes up. I will definitely give an update on my blog, should that vegetable garden come about.