Review: The world at home – a cookbook by Mascha Lammers and Ronald Giphart

The world at home is a cookbook with seventy delicious recipes from all over the world, prepared with love and success by Mascha Lammers and Ronald Griphart. A cookbook with more than enough inspiration.

Food: an all-determining role

Food plays an all-important role in the lives of Ronald Giphart and his wife Mascha Lammes. Although they literally didn’t bake anything in their early days, developing recipes, cooking and writing about food has been a large part of their regular activities for more than fifteen years. So there is hope for everyone. In their latest book ‘The world at home ‘they give a glimpse into their own kitchen.

They show how dishes and ingredients from all over the world have inspired and influenced them in what they serve at home every day.

The most beautiful memories

A memory of a birthday dinner in France, the tastiest green beans in Tel Aviv, a meeting with the best chef in the world and delicious gravad lax in a Dutch pub in Stockholm. Special encounters and experiences, both in their own city and further afield, led to quirky but above all delicious dishes. Whether it’s Swedish meatballs, Peking duck, velvety mussel soup or Thai massaman.

It’s all finger-licking good.

The world at home is a book full of delicious stories from Ronald and with the most delicious recipes from Mascha. A divine combination. Together with the fantastic photography and design, this is a book to become totally addicted to.

The world at home

The book The world at home is divided into 5 chapters: Discovering, meeting, remembering, relaxing and incredibly tasty. After the foreword by Masha and Ronald, you already understand that cooking has also been a learning path for them and they certainly didn’t get it right right away. Recipes alternate with stories in the various chapters. Stories that fascinate and that read away as if you were reading a book.

In the different chapters they go to different countries. Countries like Spain, Tel aviv, to Japan, Korea, Greece and Brittany. All these countries give varied recipes, from Spanish appetizers (sandwiches with ham aioli cream) to a yogurt dip from Lebanon and a main course from Korea.

Inspire people

In The world at home you can read about meeting inspiring people who showed them the way in the rich culinary life. The recipes are surprising, international and are sometimes preceded by an inspiring story. The recipes in The world at home are not commonplace, in this chapter you will find beets with horseradish (typically Dutch) or Graved Lax (marinated salmon) from Scandinavia.

Looking for recipes

Before the recipes you read about places where Marsha and Ronald have eaten this, or you read something about a restaurant that you should definitely visit when you are here. Marsha also went on a special search for recipes such as Pierogi, a Polish pasty that Ronald loves.

Holiday dishes

The world at home shows recipes from holiday countries. Recipes from France (Grilled shrimps with basil-lime dressing), Morocco (Moroccan carrot salad) and Italy (Caponata). As a bouncer having their all time in the last chapter (very nice)s favorites put together, without paying attention to anything other than taste and the pleasure that these world dishes gave them.

The world home is now for sale

The recipes in the world at home are all accompanied by appetizing photos, which will immediately make you hungry and want to start cooking. Because of the many stories of Ronald, but also the short stories for the recipes themselves, the book is much more than just a cookbook. It’s an experience, it’s a journey you follow.

The world home of Ronald Giphart & Mascha Lammes is now for sale everywhere!

mAshe Lammes previously published the family cookbook Vurrukkulluk and World sandwiches,for which she collected fifty of the most delicious sandwich recipes from all over the world.

Ronald Giphart became known for his debut novel I love you too. After that, he published many bestsellers, including the novels Phileine says sorry, I embrace you with a thousand arms and recently All time. He is now also known as one of the country’s best cookery writers.

His culinary pieces appear in several newspapers and are bundled in the book Tasty!