URB non-alcoholic beverage luxury and contemporary bubbles

If you don’t want to drink alcohol, but want to stand with a glass filled with a festive drink during a party, then URB is the new one non -alcoholic something for you with bubbles. A fresh drink that is not only super luxurious, chic and trendy, but also tasteful. Read all about the three flavors here.

URB Alcehol -free drink

When you are at a party and still have to drive, want to drink less alcohol or do not drink alcohol at all. Then URB might be something for you. URB is an adult, luxurious and non -alcoholic drink.

A unique taste

URB is the new non -alcoholic drink with a unique, incomparable new taste. A couple of urbans on a trendy Amsterdam roof garden thought it was enough in their search for an adult, luxurious drink that can compete in taste and allure with the metropolis of today. URB contains purely natural ingredients, is vegan and has a low sugar content.

There are three exciting variants URB Bubbles, each with a surprising character. Not comparable with Any Other Drink.

URB – Snake for Urban – gives dimension to the values of our time. The flavors are organic and intriguing. The cool mix of special herbs, fruits and a touch of “Urban Magic” is the surprising result. 100% non -alcoholic drink with 1000% taste.

Finally, the non-alcohol drinker can look forward to recognition with good taste and eye for design, especially with the example of perfectly fitting Urban Contemporary Art by Bram Reijnders.

Character drink without excuse

URB is the first non -alcoholic character in the world where you do not miss the alcohol at all and which really catches on as a counterpart of the alcoholic bubbles. A crispy, luxury drink that makes short work of the damn corner. Urb experience you.

Urb you drink, pure and stylish, with your own design bottle from matching glassware – a flĂ»te on chic and with a straw through the crown tork at a trendy dance party.
Food professionals in the high-end hospitality industry are-brutally surprised-already busy with food pairing. The character, body and layering make URB perfectly fits with a good gastronomic meal.

Natural ingredients

You only find natural ingredients in the URB drinks. With only 3.75 grams of sugar and 18 calories per 100 ml here also no apologies. Exciting is that every variant, per city, contains characteristic fruits and herbs with a raw urban edge ..

Art on the cap

The idea of putting URB as an adults only luxury brand can be found in, among other things, the art that breathes in visualization. The cap of the crown corks are true works of art (cutting out of the paintings of Bram Reijnders). The logo on the unique design bottle is also slightly different.

By pressing glass on glass you get a special and also sustainable effect.

The flavors Amsterdam – Berlin or Shanghai

Recently I received these non -alcoholic drinks and we immediately reminded of the Netflix hit series Le Casa de Papel, where the protagonists had names like Tokyo, Berlin and Nairobi. The URB also has non -alcoholic drinks that you take with you when traveling. Because what taste do you take tonight?

Amsterdam – Berlin or Shanghai?

URB Amsterdam

Is a delicious combination of refreshing citrus with aromatic juniper.


Here you can taste grape peels with wort and smell grass. Sit is a surprising flavor combination

Urb Shanghai

A sensual merger of passion fruit, Eastern Senscha tea and rhubarb.

Sparkling and new

Even though we had no party or dinner in the last few weeks, at home on the couch these non -alcoholic drinks also tasted very good. The bottles look nice and tight. The shape of the bottle is quirky and all text and images on the bottle are made of melted glass. The crown caps are a piece of art.

The taste of the drinks are fresh and tasty. Because of the bubbles it gives a festive shade to the drinks and just that extra taste in your mouth. By serving the drink in a champagne glass, it drinks very festive. The Shanghai taste clearly stood out for us, because the taste was very surprising.

The flavors Amsterdam and Berlin reminded us a little more of well -known flavors of soft drinks, but much more festive because of those extra bubbles in the drink.

URB is the brand that wants to transform non -alcoholic drinks from an excuse drinks (I still have to drive) to a luxury and contemporary drink with which you want to be seen. I think that worked out well.