How to use Pinterest to get more visitors to your website

Pinterest is timeless and becoming incredibly popular because of it. Finally, your pins from years ago are still found, so you get readers to your page again. But how to use Pinterest to get more visitors to your website and how to easily post a pin?

Pinterest is timeless

Pins you pinned years ago are still being actively found. And this is one reason why Pinterest is not a Social Media either, but rather a search engine. Think Instagram for example, here you post a photo and before you know it, it has disappeared down the page again. Not so with Pinterest.

This is exactly where the older pins are often found.

A digital pin board

Pinterest is a medium I have been using for years, but which I did not initially use for my own blog. Or to get more visitors to my site. I really used Pinterest as a pinboard and collected recipes, Bullet Journal pages’s and fun bohemian fashion combinations here. I also posted pins to and from my blog site, but not with structure or regularity.

Until I saw more and more visitors coming to my site via Pinterest and I thought I should do something about it.

Get bogged down in too much

How I filled my board has changed. When I was pinning and repinning, I realized that my repins did not bring me any visitors to my website. I have now stopped doing this. I now pin my own articles. On different boards.

On different days, multiple pins on a topic, in different layouts and this seems to work best. For planning I recently started using Tailwind, more about this in a moment.

No images on website

Now you see here in my blog post no image for Pinterest to pin. I have done this, but did not like the look of it, this is personal and yes I may be cutting myself in on this. In my widget you will see my pins passing by, so if people want to click through or save pins they can do it that way. However, I feel that people are more likely to visit my website via Pinterest than the other way around

How to get more visitors from Pinterest to your website

Now how to get more visitors to your website with Pinterest:

  • Choose a business profile, in this you can see all your business statistics
  • Don’t forget a profile description
  • Create at least 10 boards that match your blog or site. I chose to give a board to the categories above.
  • Give signs a clear name.
  • And provide a description of your board, do this with keywords
  • Create vertical pins
  • Make sure you have a clear template. Choose several themes (for example in Canva) and change them to your style.
  • Put keywords in the description of your pins, this makes them easier to find.
  • Look for these keywords on Pinterest itself.
  • Do not remove pins. Pins are not found until later, so run a pin well the first few weeks, just leave it there.
  • Share a pin at least 5 times on your board, make sure you have more pictures’s. Schedule them on different days and times.
  • Pins preferably every day. 1 pin every day is better than an occasional bulk and then no more.
  • Alternate photos’s with videos.

Plans with Tailwind

A while back I ran out of 100 free plan pins from Tailwind. I decided not to subscribe at the time, but after talking at Clubhouse recently, I went for a paid subscription anyway. A world opened up for me.

Easy does it! If you really want to make work of Pinterest, this is highly recommended. You can plan so far ahead.

If you want the paid version. Just click on the link below and we’ll both get $15 off:


At Clubhouse I occasionally sit in Roman about Pinterest and So Many Companies Still Say, ‘ IT Won’t Work For US ’ But they forget that People Actual Really Like To Search On Pinterest For, Say, A Sofa, A Table Or Whatever. By adding your link as a company in furniture, for example, to the picture, people will immediately come to the product. So I definitely recommend using Pinterest.

Because I do optimize my blog site all the time, of course I want to be found everywhere. If you have any questions, post a comment below or email me.