Increase your child’s self -confidence with treasure diggers

Do you actually know what your qualities are? Or which characteristics are worth a compliment? Perhaps you know that but your daughter or son would also know what his treasures are? What hair/are valuable qualities and properties are.

Or is that something you never really talk about? The Schatgravers game is now changing that and we have already been able to test it.

Highly sensitive

From children’s coaches Matty van de Rijzen and Greetje Welten we received the game of treasure engravers. A quality game for everyone from 5 years old. A game that can be used in coaching situations but also simply at home in the family.

We did the latter.

My oldest is almost five, a cozy cheerful toddler but also a highly sensitive boy. I see the latter as an enormous quality but often ensures that he is not so confident. Treasure diggers came as called because sir is a huge game fanatic and this could be him trigger To see his qualities.

I was very curious to what extent the little man would have insight into his own qualities and characteristics.

Treasure diggers, the game

Treasure diggers works simple. The game consists of 107 treasure cards, intended to discover properties of yourself or other players. With texts such as ‘ guts ’, ‘ making friends ’ and ‘ reliable ’.

Furthermore, each game has 120 chore cards; sensible and playful assignments. Think of: ‘ Suppose you have wings, where would you like to fly to?’. And: ‘ What was the first nice thought you had today?’.

The game is designed in such a way that you can make it as difficult or easy if you want to. There is a basic game form that you can adjust or expand. We chose to play the simple version, where I sorted the cards in advance.

For example, I filtered ‘ difficult ’ assignments or concepts that my son might not understand yet. In this way you can also adjust the length of the game. The tension of a toddler is not as big as that of an adolescent.

A game like this, where you have to think a lot, should not take too long for a young child. We also played this game so ’ n 20 minutes and came on a nice image of ourselves in that short period.

How did we find it

Treasure diggers is a game that is not only fun to play but which is also enormously educational. That’s how I discovered that my son is very confident on certain points. Properties that I thought he had not mastered, he indicated that he was able to do that at school.

It was also very nice to get started with the assignment cards. Giving compliments to someone else, but also giving a compliment to yourself. I thought it was great to get a look at the brain of my toddler.

What does he like about himself, what is he proud of and what he likes of me? It was remarkable to see that he can articulate himself so well and have so much attention for someone else.


A very valuable game for us and definitely recommended for other families, but also in the classroom or in coaching situations.

You can find more information about treasure engravers; http: //

Is your child (ren) aware of his/her qualities and properties?



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