Blitz The Space Bezing Haken- From children’s book to crochet pattern

Blitz is a space of Bol zero. He is the main character from the Blitz children’s books, written by Rian Visser. My sons love these books.

A crochet pattern has been made especially for Blitz’s third book. And I decided to make this.

Children’s books Blitz

How nice it is to be able to crochet a hero of the children, so that they can sleep with this every day, because all the crocheted hugs here in the house are in bed with the boys. Blitz’s crochet pattern was made by Anja Hazelaar. She also immortalized nicker, Mats and Guusje as a hug.

Nice for at home, in the classroom or in the bookstore.

Hooking space

I haven’t crochet that long. I thought it was a challenge to start with the crochet pattern. The cloves had to be crocheted separately, to be hooked together later.

The foot gave some problems, but with the necessary patience, practice and the photo ’ s that stood by the pattern, it all worked out well.

I had a lot of fun crocheting this big hug. So who like that I like it so much from Ahken that you really see something growing. Every time the boys came full of question if “ Blitz had already grown ”.

When the yellow hug was finished, I crocheted a green one for my oldest son. He is very happy with it and takes him everywhere.

Wool of the sailor

I used crochet hook 4. The doll is approximately 60 cm in size.

After I placed the result on Facebook, the first assignments came to hook him up immediately. I now make a hug in the original colors for twins and in pink/ purple.