Cartoon girls drawing- How to start and what do you need

Drawing cartoon girls, Learn step by step how to do it through books and live sessions on Instagram. Like me, do you want to learn how to draw cartoon girl? In this article I show what I use and how I started drawing.

Drawing as a hobby

Drawing is a very nice and relaxing hobby, where drawing cartoon girls is perhaps even more relaxing than just drawing. This is because it’s much less about detail. With regular drawing, think portraits, then every line you draw is important, with cartoon girls drawing this is not the case and you are allowed to draw just out of proportion.

And that’s what makes this hobby so much fun.

Cartoon girls drawing

The fact that the proportions in cartoon girls drawing are not correct also makes it so accessible. The head is always too big and the rest is often not even drawn. So it’s relaxed, you can do it in between, but you can also do it for a long time.

It starts with a book

I started drawing cartoon girls after December 5. On that day I received the book ‘Cartoon girls draw you so’ by Karin Luttenberg. I knew her from the many Handlettering books, but didn’t know she had made many more books.

In this cartoon girls drawing book you will learn in a very easy and fun way how to draw these girls. Once I started doing these drawings, I started following Karin on Social Media (Paperfuel) and discovered live drawing sessions on Instagram and Facebook.

What you need

The easiest way is to start with this book, because in it you will learn about proportions and get all kinds of tips for drawing cartoon girls, but you can also start without the book and join the sessions on Social Media. What I use is a drawing book with thick paper (I’m very excited about Creachick’s sketchbook), a pencil, eraser, fineliners 0.5 and 0.8 and a black marker. I personally use the Stabilo pen 68 for this.

Drawing is practice, practice and just do it

‘But I can’t draw at all’; don’t we all say that. Drawing is just trying and if you really want to learn more then a drawing course -I myself did the course Learn to Illustrate from the LOI a few years ago- is a good tip. But other than that, it’s just sit down with your pencil and sketchbook in hand and get started.

Practice a little every day, draw after, find examples on Pinterst and you will see that you will improve and draw better and better.

Grab your sketchbook and pencil

And start. That is the best tip I can give you. Because whether you want to draw Cartoon girls, portraits, houses or something completely different, it’s a matter of doing it.

The advantage is that with drawing, but this also counts for other creative hobbies’s, you can make it as pricey as you want. Start with pencils and a sketchbook from Action and if you really like it, you can always buy more expensive products.