When to plant a lawn, when to sow the grass

Whether you want grass in the garden for a playing field, beautiful ornamental grass or a beautiful green garden, build a lawn can be done in many different ways. Do you want to do this with grass seed, when are you going to sow this grass and what should you take into account??

Planting a lawn, what wishes do you have

What does your garden look like? Could it be a bit more green. There’s plenty of choice! You can buy grass seed and sow your own lawn.

You can have turf laid or opt for artificial grass. The possibilities are there. If you want to plant a lawn, you can buy MOOWY grass seed.

MOOWY’s range of grass seeds are suitable for all soil types and uses.

Buy grass seeds online

Over the past few years, we have come to realize that we can buy a lot online. The same goes for grass seed. If you want to plant a lawn, you can plan it entirely at home and plant grass seed online & buy fertilizer So you can immediately start sowing and make sure there is green sod in the garden.

How to care for a green lawn

When you build a lawn, you want it to stay nice and green. Just buying grass seed and nothing else will not work. But how to make sure your lawn looks nice and green? It is important to fertilize your lawn regularly throughout the year.

Having a lawn is really not as much work as people often think with the right fertilizers you already have a long way and you can take care of a beautifully maintained lawn yourself.

When can I sow grass

As you know I am busy with my vegetable garden, although busy. I have run out of things to sow and am currently looking at what vegetables I can put in the garden, because this can be done all year round. With grass it is exactly the same. Grass can be sun almost year round.

Sowing in autumn has the advantage that the soil is still warm from the summer. But of course you can also sow grass in the spring.

How to get a beautifully manicured lawn

Now you have sun grass and of course you want to maintain it properly, how do you do that? It is important that you take the time to maintain your lawn, only sowing grass is not enough. Now it just begins.

If the grass has grown, make sure you remove moss and weeds, on the bare spots that may arise here you can sow grass again. Also make sure you water your grass properly, especially if it is as hot as last summer

A few more tips:

  • Make sure pools, trampolines or playground equipment, are not constantly in the same places, but rotate.
  • When laying out the lawn, make sure it is straight, do not make it difficult for yourself by making curves or cones in your garden.
  • Mow the grass when it’s dry

Always green grass in your garden

Whatever your garden looks like, a nice green lawn always looks good. The above tips will help you keep the grass in your garden beautiful and well cared for all year round. Whether you’re just getting ready to plant a lawn or have had it for years.